Taban Teb Parseh

Taban Teb Parseh Company was established in 2010 with the support of 16 years of experience of a group of experts. The great goals of the company are towards entrepreneurship and exclusive distribution of medical and safety equipment. For this purpose, it cooperates with a group of private companies in different parts of the world, including America, Germany and Austria, which are active in the fields of laboratory, hematology, general surgery, respiratory and anesthesia, biochemistry and toxicology, and cardiology.

The company currently cooperates with more than 600 medical centers and it is possible to provide after-sales services in the shortest possible time by experienced specialists and senior medical engineering experts.

Also, this company has ISO 90001 and ISO 13485 quality management system certificates from Korea. The main task of the customer-oriented company is to provide new services for more profit and to raise the quality level of hospital services in our dear country, Iran, and our reputation and good reputation are proof of this claim.