After-sale Services

Taban Teb Parseh Company, in order to satisfy its customers, provides after-sales services for all the devices for which it has representation, import, and production, with optimal time management and the highest level of quality in accordance with the standards set by the manufacturers. The company has a specialized team of medical engineers for the procurement of advanced tools and equipment. The services provided by the company include:

– Procurement of facilities and pre-installation actions for medical devices and notification of conditions to medical centers.
– Installation and commissioning of medical equipment and performance of startup tests.
– Provision of user and technical training to medical staff and technical personnel in healthcare centers on the safe, proper, and optimal use of medical devices.
– Provision of telephone consultation and resolution of user and technical issues for medical devices.
– Assessment of spare parts requirements for medical devices and procurement in coordination with the company’s management from manufacturers.
– Repair and troubleshooting of company-covered medical devices in the shortest time.
– Calibration of all repaired devices and issuance of calibration certificates for centers.
– Preparation and creation of technical service files and maintenance of records for each device.
– Provision of specialized training for technical specialists through relevant company instructors inside and outside the country and issuance of training certificates.
– Provision of scientific, educational, and specialized seminars if necessary in all healthcare centers in the country.
– Management of technical efficiency and productivity in terms of customer satisfaction and performance of necessary periodic services and timely maintenance of devices to reduce additional costs.